BaileyWorks Socks the New iPad Away Inside the New Sleeve

  • BaileyWorks Laptop Sock

Laptop Sock from BaileyWorks is a simple tablet sleeve made from waterproof Flashpoint material. The combination of laminated foam padding and waterproof lining keep the tablet safe from the damaging influence of the elements as well as protect it from impacts. The case can fit iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad.

The new iPad case comes in three different sizes and can accommodate virtually any tablet as well as most netbooks and laptops. It features a unique rollup top closure mechanism, which securely seals the contents without any zippers or buttons, and prevents dust and water from getting inside the case.

There are no metal parts in the new Apple iPad 2 case, which means it’s fully compatible with the TSA’s Checkpoint Friendly standards. You will not waste any time at the airport security checks: no need to take your device out of the iPad case for screening.

The price for this item is $29.

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