The iPad 2 Gets Closer to Nature With Weston Rhodochrosite Case

  • Weston Rhodochrosite
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  • Rhodochrosite from Weston
  • Rhodochrosite from Weston review

Weston launched Rhodochrosite – a smart cover designed to fit the Apple iPad 2. The digital prints of minerals, rocks and fossils from Professor Richard Weston have found its way on the iPad accessories. These images depict raw, natural beauty of our planet on everyday items.

The Apple iPad 2 case itself is identical to the original Apple Smart Cover and offers the same tablet stand functionality. The built-in magnets activate the tablet’s on/off feature every time the cover is closed or opened.

Naturally, all ports and buttons are open to unrestricted access once the Weston Rhodochrosite is attached to the device. The grey faux microfiber interior lining of the new case helps keep the tablet’s screen in pristine condition preventing scratches and minimizing smudges.

The price for this item is $87.

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