BioLogic Shields the New iPad With a Soft Sleeve

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Soft Shield from BioLogic is a simple, yet functional waterproof tablet case made to fit all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. Crafted from TPU-backed nylon material the case offers perfect protection from the elements, and also enhances a non-slip grip. The case is IP66 certified, meaning it will withstand water splashes, dust, dirt, and other damaging stuff.

The headphone access on the Apple iPad 2 case is solved via a special TRRS 3.5mm in-line adapter, which doesn’t break the seal, but enables users to plug in their earphones. Volume controls as well as other iPad buttons can be easily accessed through thin film of the new iPad case.

The BioLogic Soft Shield features a special thin-film membrane window, which allows seamless access to the tablet’s screen. The camera of the device is also covered by the same film, enabling video calling. The Apple iPad case is a perfect solution for active, constantly on-the-go tablet owners.

The case can be yours for $28.

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