The iPad 4 Enjoys retro looks inside the new shell from Stone Jelly

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It’s extremely rare when tablet shells manage to combine great looks with decent impact protection. This is exactly the case with the Stone Jelly iPad Case – a shell designed to fit the iPad 2 and up. The case sports retro looks, thanks to the combination of aluminum and brown oak wood materials.

The iPad 2 case is held together with custom-made fittings, which ensure that while the case protects the tablet, all of its ports and buttons are open to free access. The Stone Jelly iPad Case features a special section made of cork, to ensure that the 3G antenna is fully functional with no interferences.

The iPad 4 case is delivered with a small screwdriver, which allows users to unscrew the two fixings if they ever want to take the tablet out of the shell. The iPad 3 case is an excellent solution for those looking for an unusual accessory with decent protective capabilities.

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