EXOGEAR wins a design award with its iPad Mini exoshift sleeve

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Tablet sleeves usually offer only basic functionality – a simple protection against bumps and bruises. However, the Exoshift from EXOGEAR goes one step further and doubles up as a convenient stand offering multiple viewing angles. The case was designed specifically to accommodate the iPad Mini.

The simple origami-style design of the iPad Mini case is what allows it to transform into the stand accessory. There’s also a subtle tab, which holds the device in place whichever angle the users choose to prop the tablet at. This construction allowed the EXOGEAR Exoshift to win a reddot design award.

The case is crafted from premium faux-leather material, providing decent protection from everyday harm. On the inside it’s lined with chamude, shielding the tablet from smudging and scratching. The case is perfect for tablet owners looking for a light and slim accessory with a functional design twist.

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