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Bluelounge is a company that is known for creating clever and innovative accessories to simplify your digital lifestyle. They are headquartered in Singapore and have a distribution center in California USA, but all products are conceived and developed at their studio in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Bluelounge design team draws inspiration from their passions for art, architecture, travel, fashion, music, and given their location, great tasting coffee.

The company has created only a few Bluelounge cases to date, including a few tablet bags, a tablet sleeve, and "The Nest" ($14.95), an extremely compact tablet stand that is the perfect unobtrusive asset to have on any desk or bedside table. Shaped like a cubed bird’s nest with a rubber-lined rim, the iPad 2 sits comfortably stable on top for typing, and there is also a small cradle that slides out from the bottom for viewing support. When not in use, it blends in as a small tray holder for keys, coins, USB, etc.

The great tasting coffee that the Bluelounge team consumes has fueled them to create and produce many award-winning designs. Their small offering to this particular market may be designed for the iPad, but it welcomes any brand tablet. If you seek a cool looking ‘perch’ for your device, then we recommend you look to buy Bluelounge tablet cases.


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