Established 1856
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Surviving for over 150 years, Burberry has validated itself as the clear leader of British iconic fashion and is undeniably one of the most recognized luxury brands in the world. Not as if the company needs to make much effort to further establish its name and reputation, but as part of their current strategic mission to intensify a commitment toward non-apparel developments, they have entered the tablet case market with their line of luxury tablet cases .

With a price equivalent to the cost of your Apple iPad 2 , the Burberry iPad cases and covers sit upon the list of top 10 most expensive of their kind in the market. Surely, given this company's reputation for delivering high quality merchandise, there is little doubt they are similarly motivated to promote excellence in their collection of tablet designer cases and covers.

Assuredly, an air of pretension surrounds the Burberry name. But surprisingly, Burberry cases reviews communicate that this accessory is not solely built to satisfy egos, but rather a product that is elitist in terms of both function and quality.


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