Established 1993
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Since 1993, Cocotte has been manufacturing pro-tech wear and carrying solutions that center on meeting the needs of the bike messenger. Their debut product, the Alfredo messenger bag, became the workhorse for the Montreal bike messenger, and first accessory to gain widespread distribution. Since then, other sizes have been created for general urban and outdoor use, all designed and crafted by hand at the Cocotte workshop located in Plateau Mont Royal, Montreal Quebec Canada.

At this time, no Cocotte cases have been created for use with a specific brand tablet, but any of the following products are large enough to accommodate your device. They offer the Alfredo Pro Messenger Bag ($150), the Fred Compact Messenger ($115), and the Frida Mini Messenger ($75), which is described as a “sporty purse”. The DATA Sleeve 13” and 15” ($29.95) has been designed for the MacBook, and will fit inside any one of the above-mentioned products. It is also available in vertical format for use with the Picasso backpack ($200).

As they have done for the MacBook, we anticipate Cocotte will design a sleeve for the iPad 2 and iPad 3, and possibly for other brand tablets. If and when they do, you’ll have all the more incentive to buy Cocotte tablet cases.


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