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Enki is often one of the quickest to deliver the latest and greatest electronic accessories to the market. They can do so because most of their products are manufactured locally in the USA. The company is committed to create thoughtfully designed, quality Enki cases for Apple users who want a distinctive solution for their beloved device.

Enki iPad cases don’t really have any distinguishing characteristics, but they will stand out for being affordably low priced. The collection mostly consists of a few basic back protector designs for the iPad2 or new iPad3 ($15 each). They are Smart Cover compatible and available in all colors to match. For those who don’t own the counterpart, there is a package of 3 screen protectors ($17) to compliment the design instead. Combination sets are also offered, including a back protector/stylus ($30) and a back protector/neoprene sleeve ($35).

If there is anything truly distinctive about the accessories currently offered, it’s that they are mostly designed and priced as tablet cases for students. But surely anyone one in need of a quality design to satisfy their most basic demands should consider to buy Enki tablet cases.


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