Established 2010
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Located and operating within the famed fashion garment district of NYC, Frederick James was established as a designer and producer of covers for the Apple iPad . Frederick James rescues luxurious and vintage fabrics that include cashmere, silk, rayon and wool, and recycles them to create limited edition collections of handmade Frederick James cases accessories. Best known for his collection of Bernie Madoff iPad cases, the designer is ready to dress your device with a unique fashion that is unrivaled by anything else you will find on the market today.

The brand currently offers over a dozen Frederick James iPad cases, separated into 5 different design collections, and priced $60 to $95. The Lodge incorporates prints inspired by hunting and ski lodges; the Island and Jungle series are reminiscent of Hawaiian-shirt prints and vintage surf styles; the Office line represents classic and conservative styles; and the Food and Fun collection is exactly what its name suggests, a series of bold and brightly colored patterns.

Although their tablet cases will shield your device from abrasion and scratches, Frederick James does warn consumers that its products are not intended to be protective. In a popular market cluttered with average and simple designs, choosing to buy Frederick James tablet cases will allow you to stand out amongst your peers.


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