Established 2009
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Product range Medium

NewbarK is an American manufacturer of luxury handbags, shoes, and other accessories founded in 2009 by sisters Maryam and Marjan Malakpour. The company started out with one ultra-simple design of flat shoes, which folded into a little carrying pouch and thus created a new notion – foldable footwear. The brand has since stated to produce a range of men’s and women’s shoes for every purpose including travel, walking, home, shopping and more. Later on the company diversified into making handbags and NewbarK tablet cases. The brand utilizes a wide range of material to produce their items including leather, felt, canvas and suede.

Those wishing to buy NewbarK tablet cases have a couple of styles to choose from including tablet sleeves, tablet bags with handles, and tablet folio cases. Their tablet accessories are compatible with all Apple tablet models as well as a range of other similarly sized devices. Buyers can also choose from a range of materials including leather and suede. All cases deliver stunning, attractive looks, but also provide decent impact protection for the tablets inside. Price range from $300 to $700 and more.

NewbarK tablet accessories are renowned for the exquisite materials used to produce them, and for the superb stylish looks they provide. Buyers have a couple of styles to choose from, but regardless of which item they select, they will definitely receive a tablet case, which not only sports highly attractive looks, but delivers the highest quality and decent level of protection.


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