Established 2011
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TouchFire is a recent start-up company founded by two tech-product veterans, Steve Isaac and Bradley Melmon. Steve has been passionate about mobile computing since the early 90’s while working at GO, a company that made one of the world’s first tablet computers. Understanding that ‘input’ has always been the biggest challenge for tablets, even the iPad, Steve became obsessed with finding a way to make typing on the iPad live up to its full potential. In 2010 the idea for the TouchFire was hatched, and in 2011 the product was born.

The TouchFire iPad case is a completely transparent film that supports both the iPad and iPad 2. It comes with a pair of cover clips to secure magnetically to the Apple Smart Cover, or can attach to the built-in magnets on the iPad 2. Fitting over the on-screen keyboard, this innovative accessory is soft and supple for an increased responsive touch. When you want it out of the way, simply fold it down and the magnets keeps it fitted below the screen.

As a ‘Kickstarter project’ the TouchFire was instant success. The company is now taking reservations for the second production run, so if you would like to buy TouchFire iPad cases, be sure to place your order now!


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