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There are refreshing mojitos for keeping one cool on a hot summer's day, and then there are Mujjo brand products for keeping gadgets and their users' hands warm on a cold winter's day. This designer Dutch label began in 2010 by making hand-stitched winter gloves that maintain touchscreen sensitivity. The forward-thinking company has continued to grow ever since. In spring 2012 they began creating Mujjo cases in order to keep popular electronic devices warm and cozy fit for travel.

Mujjo currently offers two different models of touchscreen gloves. The knitted fabric design ($33) comes in two sizes and 5 choice colors, making them an ideal fit for both a man or a woman. The other is a genuine black lambskin leather design ($170) available in 4 different hand sizes. For tablets, the brand currently makes handmade sleeves for the iPad Mini ($59) and iPads ($65). These Mujjo iPad cases are a combination of 100% wool felt and genuine leather materials. Conceivably, the classy-looking sleeve designs will also fit any 7" or 9" tablet.

Mujjo accessories are intended to be a reflection of personal taste and the brand's passion for making beautifully crafted quality products. The company understands that their designs may not be suited for everyone, and the Dutchies are fine with that. But if there was ever an ideal target to buy Mujjo cases, surely it would have to be those iPad users who oft need to get bundled-up during the colder half of the year.

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