Established 2000
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Padacs operates as part of the PCRange, an Australian firm that was established in 2000 to provide printing and technology solutions for the business and consumer communities. This subsidiary was founded to specialize in designing and developing quality, stylish accessories for the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad . With a broad range of products, Padacs is confident that consumers will find the right accessory to benefit their device and reflect their personality.

The company’s collection of over a dozen Padacs cases includes a selection of tablet stand cases and folding tablet cases for both versions of the iPad, and a tablet smart cover for the iPad 2 . Since these accessories are only available in a neutral black color they may not be considered visually attractive, but their price ($30-$55) certainly will. Padacs also offers a variety of tablet keyboard cases priced $60-$80, making them a great bargain when compared to other similarly styled cases on the market.

Rather than developing a fashion-forward collection to satisfy individual taste, Padacs is focused on delivering products that are meant to be universally appealing in terms of design, function and price. If indeed you seek performance and substance over fashionable style then you may wish to buy Padacs tablet cases.


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