When it comes to tablet cases, the future relies in the convenience and ease factors of owning a tablet combined with the societal trends of energy and material conservation. By coordinating as many functions as possible (Bluetooth keyboards cases and re-energizing solar panels, for example) into the case, tablet cases will quickly be the quintessential accessory for the tablet. Fundamentally, the purpose of the tablet case is to protect and store your tablet, but today’s current trendsetters and market leaders will soon have you wondering how you ever survived without a tablet case.

Take, for example, the Spark from Voltaic. This solar powered tablet case is designed to store and charge a variety of popular tablets, cell phones, and even DSLR camera batteries. Detailed with waterproof solar panels, the Spark provides one hour of power to your tablet for each hour of direct sunlight it receives. The interior of the case is lined with zippered and padded storage pockets, making it the new standard for optimal convenience, protection, and energy conservation.

When it comes to convenience, you can’t beat the magnetic function of the Smart Cover or the Bluetooth tablet keyboard case. The unique function of the Smart Cover case is its "communication" with the iPad. Just roll the snug Smart Cover back from the iPad and it’ll automatically wake it up! As the name of the case suggests, the iPad case with Bluetooth Keyboard has a lithium battery powered keyboard that has both USB and Bluetooth connection capabilities. Now if only Apple would combine these two, you’d have a hand held computer that powers itself on with just a wave of the magnetic cover, all the while supporting, protecting, and prominently displaying your iPad.

Ultimately, the future of tablet cases will be found their adaptability to tablet conveniences and features. Don’t expect any of the basics to change, but instead, a variety of options that extend the purpose of a tablet case beyond just protection.

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