Apple Takes Cover in Fieldfolio iPad 2 Folio Case

  • Fieldfolio iPad 2 Folio case
  • Fieldfolio iPad 2 book case
  • Fieldfolio iPad 2 Folio book case
  • Fieldfolio iPad 2 book tablet case
  • Fieldfolio iPad book case

The Fieldfolio is a book tablet case for iPad 2 , which is extremely slim and lightweight, yet very stylish at the same time. It’s made of molded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) providing the pad with extra protection compared to other cases usually made from bamboo and plywood.

TPU offers a very smooth and soft feel, however gives the pad an extremely firm grip. All ports and buttons can be accessed freely with the Fieldfolio on the iPad. The tablet case was inspired by real cloth-bound books, and its cloth lining comes from a 150 years old mill.

The cover of the case contains several light, rare-earth magnets, offering the iPad the sleep/wake function. The Fieldfolio case comes in blue, pink, black, gray, green and orange. Combining high durability with classy looks, this is one of the most stylish cases for the iPad 2. Buy it now for $69.

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