iPad 2 just got Smarter with Crux 360 Keyboard Case

  • Crux360 Case for iPad 2
  • Crux360 Case for iPad 2 review
  • Crux360 Case for iPad 2 screenshot
  • iPad 2 Crux360 Case
  • iPad 2 Crux360 Case review

The Crux360 is a tablet keyboard case for iPad 2 , allowing multitude of positions to use the pad. The new case also features Apple’s Smart Cover technology, turning the pad on and off by closing or opening the cover. The case comes with a full Bluetooth keyboard, allowing fast and easy text entering.

The Crux360 is the first iPad 2 keyboard case that offers four different modes. A Laptop Mode, providing access to the keyboard. A Movie Mode, which is perfect for watching multimedia, surfing the net or playing games. A Tablet Mode offers the possibility to comfortably read books and newspapers. And a Carry Mode -perfect for transportation.

When the iPad 2 is not in use, the Crux360 protects the back of the pad from minor bumps and shocks and keeps the screen scratch-free. All ports and buttons can be freely accessed with the case on the pad.

The price for this item is $149.

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