Case and Cover from Pong Keeps the iPad 2 Radiation Under Control

  • Pong Case and Cover for the iPad 2

Case and Cover for the iPad 2 from Pong is a unique tablet smart cover , which doesn’t obstruct the iPad 2 3G antenna. The new case is made of ultra-soft faux leather keeping the device safe from minor bumps and impacts on the outside as well as scratches and smudges on the inside.

The cover can be folded in multiple unique ways to offer diverse tablet stand case . The smart technology will awaken the iPad 2 and put it to sleep just like the Apple Smart Cover would. The case is manufactured using Lexan material combining durability with soft and comfy touch.

The Pong Case and Cover is the only Apple iPad 2 proven by the FCC to guard users from electromagnetic radiation while keeping the transmission strength of the 3G antenna intact. This means that damaging radiation is lowered by up to 83% below the FCC standards, and at the same time users will not experience any transmission problems.

The price for this case is $100.

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