A PRODUKT Learns how to Spell with the new Kork 2 Case for iPad 2

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A PRODUKT introduced Kork 2 – a thin and lightweight, yet highly durable tablet protector . Made from 100% recycled cork material the new Apple iPad 2 case will keep the back of your device safe from impacts, bumps and annoying scratches. The new case weighs almost nothing and is only a couple of millimeters thick.

The Kork 2 offers an ergonomic design providing a natural shape, perfect Apple iPad 2 fit and a great feel. The case comes with angled audio output for front projected sound and angled microphone wall perfect for user-directed sound caption. All ports and buttons can be accessed freely with the new case on the device.

The new case works seamlessly with the Apple Smart Cover and offers a tray-mode – an improved tablet stand positioning for viewing, reading and working. The unique flat-screen mode allows the Smart Cover to completely fold away, while remaining still latched onto the case. The shade mode minimizes the sun glare while you’re enjoying e-books.

The price for this case is $49.95.

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