Vantage Point Spills the Beans in a New iPad 2 Case

  • Vantage Point iPad 2 Beanpad
  • Vantage Point iPad 2 Beanpad screenshot
  • iPad 2 Beanpad from Vantage Point

iPad 2 Beanpad from Vantage Point is an innovative tablet stand case . It uses a small beanbag to offer the tablet a never-before-seen stability on any possible surface. Choose whatever angle you need and simply attach the Apple iPad 2 to the beanbag via secure Velcro strap.

The new Apple iPad 2 case is essentially a tablet protector , which can attach to a small beanbag acting as a stand. The bag features vibration dampening capabilities, which makes it perfect for any type of situation. Putting the tablet protector on and off the tablet takes only seconds and you can access all ports and buttons while the pad is in the case.

Unique Zenn movement feature makes it possible for the case to be moved in any direction. The beanbag underneath the tablet can be centered, place at the bottom of portrait position, or at the bottom of landscape orientation. The new case is totally compatible with Apple Smart Cover and comes in pink, white and black colors.

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