Tablet Insight: Singing in the Rain with Your Waterproof Tablet

Tablet Insight: Waterproof Cases

Rain, steam or snow: three words that can strike fear into any tablet owner. Nothing out there will more quickly ruin your tablet than moisture in any form. To be sure to have the ultimate protection against these tablet mechanism menaces, take a look at world of waterproof tablet cases .

Going to the Beach or Pool?

The most common type of waterproof design looks something like a vacuum-sealed sandwich bag. While aesthetically not the most attractive in my opinion, they do the trick in keeping out water (and sand) when you are relaxing at the beach or poolside. A popular model has been the DryCASE Universal Waterproof Tablet Case.

DryCase Universal tablet case

With the DryCase case you get good touchscreen action and it comes with an armband for buoyancy if you’re in the water with it.

Rainy climates

If you’re living in a climate where you are exposed to a lot of rain, then you also might be in need of a waterproof design, but maybe not something like that completely covers up the Apple iPad.

If you don’t like the sandwich bag vibe, then Andres Industries makes an affordable, submersible Apple iPad case (about $80; more info here). Simply snap your iPad into place and it is safe even when completely under water.

In the shower

Ever dropped your tablet in the sink (or, worse yet, in the toilet?). Maybe you’ve left it in the steamy bathroom? Why not look toward the heavy duty Kraken Case, sure to protect against any moisture that could come your way inside the house (and, arguably, outside as well!).

The Trident Kraken Hybrid Case for iPad
has a similar make to Otterbox cases, which are known for the high quality and matching high prices.

On a boat

Now, for those of you who like to use the iPad in new and innovative ways, then take a look to one fan’s obsession with using his iPad on his boat.

How does that phrase go? The older the boy the more expensive the toy?

What to do if it does get wet?

One thing about all of these cases: don’t let them give you too much of a false sense of security. At the end of the day, nothing is 100% even if it has been tested over and over again. If you have found yourself having used a waterproof case but still some moisture manages to get into your tablet, then start drying it out immediately. Don’t restart it and try drying it out with some silica gel packets. Unfortunately if you are an iPad owner, there is no warranty and the paid-for Apple Care plan specifically excludes any faults that are due to water damage.

More than for Water

What is great about all of these cases is that they also offer great protection from dust and dirt. So even if you aren’t looking for protection against water, you will be satisfied for what they can bring for keeping out the grime of everyday use.

Tablet Insight is a weekly column by Thomas Andersen that focuses on the innovative tablet uses and considers what is the most compatible and necessary tablet case.
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