The New iPad Companion for Kids – YetYet From Totoya Creatures

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  • YetYet from Totoya Creatures
  • YetYet from Totoya Creatures review

Totoya Creatures presented YetYet and Robotto - unique hybrid kids cases . Designed in a form of a strange, yet friendly creature, the new cases will provide a safe and secure home for any Apple tablet: the iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad. The ultra-soft, child-safe materials are combined with a long list of child-oriented functions.

The new Apple iPad 2 case can play lovely chimes and tunes, repeat voices with different effects and even eat dragée pudding. It can turn into a highly comfortable pillow and can pretend to be a friendly cyclops. The creature also likes when children comb its hair and will make pleasant sounds when they shake it.

The teaching capabilities of the new iPad case are noteworthy: it will train musical qualities and a sense of rhythm. The case offers "edutain" touch controls such as pan, tap, pinch, swipe and hold. It has a "pangalactic" sound bank, so your child will never get bored. All in all, the new case is the best companion your child’s iPad can have.

EDIT: The Totoya Creatures YetYet and Robotto for iPad 2/iPad 3 have now been reviewed and received a stunning 4.2/5 rating! Both of the cases are available to order from Tablet2Cases Totoya Creatures tablet cases shop for $79.90 each.

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