Hard and Flexible – The New iPad Folio Case From Macally

  • Macally Hardshell Flexible Case
  • Macally Hardshell Flexible Case screenshot

Macally presented Hardshell Flexible Case – a stylish folio tablet case designed specifically for the new iPad. As can be derived from the name of the case, it features a unique design where hard back shell is combined with a flexible front cover. The tablet enjoys all-round protection from impacts and bumps.

The new iPad case comes with a form-fitting flexible edges to enable easy tablet removal. The ridged surface of the new case provides an extremely secure grip eliminating the chance of any slip outs. The built-in magnets act just like the Apple Smart Cover turning the tablet on and off.

The front cover of the new Macally tablet case can also fold up several times to turn into a convenient tablet stand , which secures the iPad in an upright position offering multimedia viewing and typing angles. The new case is designed for iPad owners who value functionality, but also care about the safety of their tablets.

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