Grifiti Dootle Combines the New iPad Protection With a Notepad

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Grifiti presented Dootle – a highly stylish portfolio tablet case compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The new case is handmade utilizing traditional hardback binging technologies offering the best combination of all-round protection and beautiful design. There are two versions of the case: the Dootle Book and the Dootle Note Book.

Both new iPad cases are similar in all respects, but the Dootle Note Book is more of a tablet notepad case featuring replaceable writing pads. Both cases come with durable iPad frames, which can easily be removed if needs be. The case is secured in a closed position by a large silicon band preventing accidental slip outs.

All ports and buttons are open to free access with the new Apple iPad 2 case attached to the tablet. The notebook included in the Dootle Note Pad features three punch holes ensuring easy transfer of pages from the case to an office binder. An additional silicon band is also included in the package in case you lose one.

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