Targus Prepares to Revolutionize the iPad Writing With iNotebook Case

  • Targus iNotebook
  • Targus iNotebook screenshot
  • iNotebook from Targus

Targus presented iNotebook at this year’s CE Week in New York. Although the new tablet case with notepad is still a prototype, it has already generated a great deal of interest from customers and other industry players. No confirmation on compatibility yet, but our money is on the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad.

The iNotebook looks like your run of the mill portfolio tablet case with a notepad attached and a stylus included. However, the new iPad case is unique in offering a completely new way of taking notes on the tablet with a regular pen and paper. The essence of the new case is a Bluetooth sensor, which reads what customers jot down on any paper and shows it on the iPad screen.

Moreover, the iPad isn’t even needed: owners can use the sensor on its own, and simply connect to the tablet later. As soon as the two separate things are paired, the dedicated app will display all that work of art, users managed to scribble. The sensor is able to store up to 200 pages without the iPad.

The best thing about the new case is the fact that it works with any type of paper eliminating the need to purchase a specific and usually expensive type. The new case is expected to hit the shelves around September this year and right now looks like it’s going to be a real hit.

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