Keep Your Kindle Fire Safe Everyday With the KlearKase

  • KlearKase for Kindle Fire
  • KlearKase for Kindle Fire screenshot
  • KlearKase for Amazon Kindle Fire

The KlearKase for Kindle Fire is a waterproof tablet case . The lightweight material used during manufacturing is also utilized by the military in F22 fighter planes production. The unique material is both lightweight and highly durable, shielding the tablet from impacts, dirt, splashed and even drops.

The new Amazon Kindle Fire case was designed to provide a secure fit ensuring every side of the tablet is protected and there’s no room for wiggling inside. All functions of the device are fully operational, while it’s inside the case. In fact, the case is barely noticeable, so it can be left on the tablet at all times.

The case comes with a separate carrying case for travel and includes a 1-year warranty. It’s the best solution for outdoors, where the Amazon Kindle Fire can be subjected to accidental damage of all sorts. The case is perfect for a day at the beach, or a picnic in the park.

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