Create Your Own New iPad Back Protector With Woodford Design Inkee

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Woodford Design has just launched Inkee (3.9 of 5 rating; read full review) – a unique back protector compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The accessory becomes one of the best custom tablet cases offering buyers virtually unlimited personalization options. Users can print out their favorite picture, attach it to the case and change it whenever the mood to do so strikes them.

The new iPad case itself is a rather simple plastic back protector offering decent protection to the tablet and keeping all ports and buttons open to free access. The peculiarity of the Woodford Design Inkee lies in its customization options. The package includes five self-adhesive fabric sheets that are already pre-cut to fit right on the back of the Apple iPad 2 case.

The sheets can be printed on in virtually any printer allowing anyone to customize the case at will. The synthetic fabric of the provided sheets also offers a secure grip as a major plus. The package includes a free screen protector as a bonus. The new Woodford Design tablet case is available in either black or white color.

The price for this case is $39.95. Buy it now from in black or white.

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