The New iPad Is Home and Hosed by the Hosewear Sleeve

  • Hosewear iPad Sleeve

iPad Sleeve from Hosewear is nothing else, but a high-quality, attractive-looking tablet sleeve compatible with all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. The case is crafted from real-life firehose, meaning the sleeve inherited the same waterproof capabilities.

Besides the ability to stop water from damaging the tablet, the new iPad case is also highly durable and will protect the device from impacts and scuffs. Each Apple iPad 2 case is manufactured from up-cycled firehoses, and comes in either red, white or yellow colors, depending on the hose used during the making process.

The red hoses were used a bit more, during their first lives, thus the red Hosewear iPad Sleeves seem a bit worn down than the white or the yellow ones. However, each and every Apple iPad case is truly unique, provided the nature of raw materials.

The price for this case is $39.

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