Apple Applies for an Induction Charging and an Optical Zoom Patents

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Apple applied for a couple of interesting patents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. One of the technologies focuses on a tablet smart cover , which will feature both built-in battery and induction charging tech. The other patent application is for a camera offering optical zoom, but still small enough to fit inside a mobile device.

In Apple terms both technologies are revolutionary and could mean years and year of prosperity for the Cupertino company if realized. The brand new smart cover would feature an induction charging coil, which could charge the iPad wirelessly. The case would also feature built-in batteries, which would charge the tablet when the cover is closed or folded back in a tablet stand mode.

The other patent application is for a brand new type of digital camera, which would feature real optical zoom capabilities, but will still remain small enough to fit inside a mobile device or its case. The camera will use an internal mirror at 90 degrees to bounce off the light, making use of the entire width of the device to create an optical zoom element, as opposed to being limited to only the thickness of the body.

Such new technologies could not only help Apple catch up to rivals in terms of specs and innovation, but would also enable many third-party accessories makers to create thousands and thousands of functional tablet cases.

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