Top 5 Leather Case for the iPad Mini

  • BUKcase Leather Sleeve
  • Apple Smart Case
  • Mujjo Envelope Sleeve
  • Knomo Leather Folio
  • Vaja Libretto

iPad Mini was undoubtedly a huge success for Apple. The launch of the successor – iPad Mini 2 (or Retina) – has even further closed down the gap in popularity between the “small” and the “big” Apple devices. Some reports even state that the iPad Mini has already beaten the iPad Air in terms of sales. Protecting the device from everyday challenges is of paramount importance, but keeping its looks presentable is important too. This is where leather accessories come in. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 leather cases designed for the iPad Mini.

5. BUKcase Leather Sleeve

The Leather Sleeve from BUKcase is the perfect choice for those iPad Mini owners looking for a simple, yet stylish accessory for their beloved tablets. Handmade from premium Italian leather, the case not only offers beautiful looks, but also keeps the tablet safe from bumps and bruises. The tablet sleeve also features a small slip pocket on the front, bit enough for a smartphone of important documents.

Buy it now from BUKcase for $90.16

BUKcase Leather Sleeve offers premium looks and decent protection, as well as a slip pocket

4. Apple Smart Case

Aranez didn’t want to stay out of the accessories market for their tablets and came up with a Smart Case in both “Air” and “Mini” sizes. The folio tablet case actually came out pretty good, among the top accessories on the market. Made from genuine leather the case combines durability with presentable looks and features great functionality too. The auto sleep/wake function is included and the folding cover acts as a stand. The case is available in a variety of color options.

Buy it now from Apple for $69.

Apple Smart Case combines durability with great looks and functionality

3. Mujjo Envelope Sleeve

Although this envelope tablet case is not made entirely out of leather, it’s still worth mentioning as one of the best leather accessories. It’s composed of premium wool felt material and high-grade Italian leather. Simple construction doesn’t hinder the fact that it’s one of the best looking cases for the iPad Mini out there. The flap lock can be inserted into a leather strap for simple and secure closure. There are built-in pockets and card slots inside the case.

Buy it now from Mujjo for $50.62

Mujjo Envelope Sleeve combines wool felt and leather materials for superior looks and safety

2. Knomo Leather Folio

Combining molded plastic and genuine leather, Knomo managed to offer tough impact protection and great looks in their Leather Folio. The tablet folio case covers the iPad Mini from all sides, but offers free access to its ports and buttons. The built-in magnets activate the auto sleep/wake functionality of the tablet and the cover of the case offers multiple viewing angles. Considering it’s premium leather we’re talking about, the case’s pricing is quite affordable.

Buy it now from Knomo for $69.95.

The Leather Folio from Knomo offers decent protection, integrated stand, and sleep/wake function

1. Vaja Libretto

The Libretto tablet folio case from Vaja is arguably the best iPad Mini case made of leather. It has everything: all-round protection, auto sleep/wake functionality, integrated stand, and even a magnetic lock, built into the cover. What’s even better about this case is the fact that the color can be fully customized, the manufacturer boasts about 600 different color combinations to choose from.

Buy it now from Vaja for $140.

Exquisite material and full functionality in the Vaja Libretto tablet folio case
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