Top 5 Bamboo iPad Mini Cases

  • Dodocase Classic
  • tmbr. Bamboo iPad Mini Case
  • Primovisto Bamboo iPad Mini Bookcase
  • Carved iPad Mini Wood Case
  • Grove Bamboo iPad Case

The mission to protect iPad Mini tablets from bumps and bruises may seem pretty easy. However, customers today are looking for much more than just safety, the looks and functionality is just as important in a good accessory. That is why iPad Mini case made from bamboo are so popular: they combine tough impact protection, but are also stylish and in most cases offer diverse functionality. Here’s an overview of the top 5 bamboo iPad Mini cases.

5. Dodocase Classic

The Classic from Dodocase is a renowned book tablet case from San Francisco manufacturer, available in the iPad Mini size too. The case combines Moroccan book cloth and environmentally-friendly bamboo material to provide the tablet with maximum protection, while keeping its ports and buttons open to access. There’s an elastic strap lock and auto sleep/wake function included in the case.

Buy it now from Dodocase for $89.95

iPad Mini enjoys tough protection, integrated stand and other functions inside the Dodocase Classic

4. tmbr. Bamboo iPad Mini Case

A simple tablet shell, Bamboo iPad Mini Case from tmbr. will is handcrafted entirely from natural bamboo material. The 2-piece construction ensures easy installation and dismantling of the case. The accessory covers the iPad Mini from all sides, but allows immediate access to all ports and buttons. The case is fully compatible with any screen protector. The interior felt lining ensures the tablet won’t get scratched while inside the case.

Buy it now from tmbr. for $35.00

tmbr. Bamboo iPad Mini Case is a simple tablet shell handmade from bamboo and featuring felt lining

3. Primovisto Bamboo iPad Mini Bookcase

The Bamboo iPad Mini Bookcase from Primovisto is handmade from super-lightweight bamboo offering great impact protection without adding unnecessary bulk. Besides the all-round coverage, the case sports an elastic strap lock and offers integrated stand capabilities. All ports and buttons can be accessed freely while the device is protected by the case. Lots of design patterns and customization possibilities are also offered.

Buy it now from Primovisto for $49

Durable tablet book case with additional functions - Primovisto Bamboo iPad Mini Bookcase

2. Carved iPad Mini Wood Case

The iPad Mini Wood Case designed by Carved combines plastic and real bamboo in one ultra-light, yet protective tablet shell. Handmade finish ensures perfect quality, and the natural material means each and every case is truly unique. The case simply snaps onto the device and protects it from all sides, without obstructing access to ports and buttons. The manufacturer offer other wood materials besides bamboo too.

Buy it now from Carved for $36

Carved iPad Mini Wood Case is a simple tablet shell with hand-finished natural bamboo

1. Grove Bamboo iPad Case

Grove Bamboo iPad Case combines two natural wood materials: bamboo and maple. The tablet book case combines everything an iPad Mini needs: sturdy protection, auto sleep/wake function, and beautiful looks. The unique feature of this accessory is it’s rolling cover, which acts as an integrated stand delivering three distinct viewing angles.

Buy it now from Grove for $89

Bamboo iPad Case from Grove is a beautiful tablet case offering lots of functions and sturdy protection
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