DOCKSMITH Driftwood Docking Station Offers Mother Nature’s Design

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  • DOCKSMITH Driftwood Docking Station review

DOCKSMITH offer a highly unusual tablet dock solution – Driftwood Docking Station. The case allows the tablet users to prop their device up and charge it literally on a piece of driftwood. Each individual piece is unique, moreover, it’s designed by nature itself with sea, sand, and wind as her tools. The case can be made compatible with a variety of devices ranging from smartphones to big and small tablet devices from various manufacturers.

Here’s a quote from the makers:
After seeing the enthusiasm of customers for this product being sold at crafts shows we all knew we were onto something. That’s when all of us moved back to Maine where we could join forces and make this business a reality. It means so much to us to be able to work for and with each other. We really like what we make and every aspect of the process. In a world of plastic and shiny, we bring something of the earth into your life that balances nature and technology and will help create a meaningful and optimistic living space.

Original one-of-a-kind design makes the DOCKSMITH Driftwood Docking Station a truly one of a kind tablet dock with charging and integrated stand capabilities

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