Prevent Others From Seeing Your iPad Screen With iLuv Privacy Film Kit

  • iLuv Privacy Film Kit

Tired of people looking over your shoulder into your tablet’s screen? iLuv has just the thing to stop that – Privacy Film Kit – an innovative tablet screen protector, preventing others from seeing what’s on your screen. The case offers 180 degree privacy allowing users to see the contents of their screens, but providing others with a simply darkened screen. Five-layer construction ensures the film is highly durable offering up to 3H of hardness and will withstand daily dangers. The case is also water-resistant. The kit includes the screen protector itself, an applicator squeegee and a cleaning cloth.

Here’s what the maker is saying about the case:
Protect your privacy with a privacy film that goes over the screen of your tablet and prevents people from seeing your tablet interactions. Keep leering eyes from the screen of your tablet with this privacy film. Simply place the film over your screen for 180° privacy. While you can still see the contents of your screen, people around you will only see a darkened screen. This is ideal for preventing strangers from seeing your passwords, financial data and other sensitive or personal information.

Genius screen protector offering 180 degree privacy to iPad Mini users – iLuv Privacy Film Kit
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