Terms of Service (The T2C House Rules)

The terms of service are what you agree to when you visit Tablet2Cases.com. You must agree to follow our rules, and any applicable laws & regulations regarding the use of our site. If using our site is illegal in your country, you’ve have to leave immediately.

Since we’re an international site, you also need to follow your local laws as well as international laws regarding export and re-export control.

If you use our site, you’re saying you’re legally allowed, and have the right permissions to be here.

There are some actions we always reserve the rights to take at anytime. These include the rights to:

  • Restrict or cut access to the site and any services offered.
  • Change any service or any part of the site at any time.
  • Remove or change any content found on the site.

Content (All the Text, Videos, & Images)

There’s a lot of stuff like text, videos & images on our site. Anything posted to the site is content, and all of that content is protected by copyright. What this means is that if you want to use something from our site, you have to get our permission first.

Also, if you submit or send something to us, you’re giving us the full copyrights to whatever you submit. That means we own it completely, and aren’t under any obligations to you for the use of your submission.

Oh, and just to clarify, we don’t sell any genuine Apple products, or any other brand unless it says so right in the product description.

External Links (Sites Outside Tablets2Cases)

Our site has lots of links to other websites. We aren’t part of those sites and don’t run them either. That means if you visit them, you have to follow their rules and policies. We aren’t responsible for anything on any other site but our own.

Limitations (We’re Not Responsible For)

As an international site, we’re available to a lot of people, and open to a lot of unknowns. For that reason we can’t be held liable for any content on our site, or any losses, damages or expenses you incur by using our site.

We also can’t be held responsible for any claims involving defamation, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or violations of rights in regards to:

  • The use of our site
  • The use of your account at our site by someone other than you
  • The content on our site, or the site’s performance
  • Any violation of the Terms of Use
  • The violation of any person or entity

What we’re saying is we do our best to keep you safe and happy, but you use our site at your own risk, and you accept responsibility for anything that happens to you during your visit.

Your Copyrights (Protected Content)

We have the utmost respect for the intellectual property rights of others. If you think something of yours has been used in violation of your rights on our site, then please contact us immediately, or have your authority contact us so we can address the issue.

Please include the following in your contact:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone
  • Electronic or Physical Signature
  • A copy of the alleged property in violation
  • A link to the alleged violation
  • A good faith statement that you believe your work is being used in violation of copyright law and that you are providing truthful information under penalty of perjury.

Updates to Terms

Tablet2Cases reserves the right to change or update our Terms of Use at any time, without notice. We may make these changes known to our guests by email, or by direct updates on our site. All visitors are encouraged to periodically review our Terms of Use.

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