Established 2007
Origin UTAH, USA
Link Website
Product range Large

The Utah-based ZAGG Inc was established in 2007 due to the growing response and popularity of their innovative flagship product, the Invisible Shield, which was developed in 2005. With a continued focus on innovation, as well as quality and value, this company has expanded upon their humble beginnings to offer an extensive line of accessories for those who are zealous about great gadgets (hence the inspiration for ZAGG’s name).

The company’s collection of ZAGG cases includes a selection of tablet skins and tablet keyboard cases for the Apple iPad and iPad 2. The leather skins are priced at $40, and include a variety of executive-style and sports designs for the low to mid-range consumers to choose from. Their keyboard-style cases are each priced at $99 to remain consistent with most other similarly styled accessories on the market.

In addition to creating and promoting its own brand name of products, this company also supports the iFrogz brand. ZAGG’s current collection should attract those who seek high-performance function, as well as elegant and unique designs. While other tablet case consumers are going zig, you may choose to zag and buy ZAGG tablet cases.


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