Established 2012
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Oree is a French producer of custom wooden tech product for various electronic gadgets established in 2012. The company combines wood, tech, and design in their products, bringing a touch of French sophistication into the mix. The idea to create eco-friendly tech items and Oree tablet cases from wooden materials came after the company’s founders observed that all modern tech products looked the same. The designer uses high-quality maple and walnut wood to produce their products.

Those wishing to buy Oree tablet cases, currently can only opt for the wooden tablet keyboard ($162). There’s also an option to purchase a leather protective case ($39), which also acts as a highly convenient tablet stand providing the combination of the two with great functionality. The keyboard is compatible with any tablet and laptop, but can also be used with a wide range of smartphones thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Oree tablet cases are designed to provide tablets with unique looks. The eco-friendly wooden materials are great to use and look at, and can be customized with keys layout and font. The handmade nature of the accessories ensures each and every item is of the utmost quality and will last a lifetime.


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