Established 1995
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Push The Envelope was established in 1995 by Reba Plummer and Pete Gray, which at that time they were the owner/operator and mechanic at The Bike Ranch, a small Toronto bicycle shop that catered to couriers and commuters. The duo recognized cyclists’ needs for a quality carrying solution, and in 1999 they closed “The Ranch” and moved PUSH to a small manufacturing facility in order to concentrate on product development. Gaining wide spread popularity over the years, the brand now creates a fashion line in addition to their original PUSH cases and courier/commuter bags.

The company produces a wide-selection of carrying solutions, separated into three different categories: messenger bags, urban bags and street bags. The “Urban bags” are the so called, “children” of the messenger bags, and are more compact designs to better match a tablet computer. If you are interested in Push the Envelope tablet cases, then you will need to contact the company to find out about their prices.

Both Pete and Reba have put in their fair share of time working the streets of Toronto as bicycle messengers, so you can certainly trust them to understand the needs of such professionals. When it comes to creating high quality life-simplifying bags for cyclists and active urbanites, this one brand that pushes the envelope!


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