Established 2001
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Product range Medium

Since 2001, PDair has maintained a focus of expertise on designing and manufacturing accessories for smart-phones and hand-held mobile devices. The brand designs PDair cases for each specific device in effort to provide it with maximum protection while simultaneously offering it a fashionable aesthetic.

The company currently offers a vast selection of PDair tablet cases, yet consists of only two styles, tablet skins and folding tablet cases in an assortment of colors and designs to choose from. These accessories incorporate some of the finest materials, including leather, aluminum and silicon . Their basic silicone tablet skins are priced under $20 and offer affordable low-end options. But mostly the company offers folding aluminum tablet cases and leather cases , priced from $85 to $130, and intended to target the high-end consumers with their superior quality.

Indeed PDair has introduced one of the most comprehensive collections of tablet cases from a single company. While this company is focused on offering products that satisfy the basic functionality demands, they are even more committed to creating accessories for all the current brands of tablet PCs. Consequently, we envision many consumers will be drawn to this company and buy PDair tablet cases.


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