Put Some Color Onto Your iPad 2 With Y U No Sticker

  • Y U No Sticker for iPad 2

Y U No Sticker presented an interesting accessory for Apple iPad 2 – a collection of vinyl stickers to brighten up the backside of your device. Not exactly tablet cases or tablet skins , the stickers will certainly appeal to all fans of the extremely popular game Portal.

The stickers were designed for iPad 2, but will fit on the original Apple iPad and on the Macbooks. Be advised that the Apple logo on Macbooks is slightly larger than that on the iPads, which will not guarantee a perfect fit for the Y U No Sticker.

Currently, the stickers best suite the light-colored surfaces, but the manufacturer is working on a white cutout versions to fit on black-colored devices. Naturally the stickers weren’t designed to protect your tablet from anything, but they are a very cheap and easy way to stand out in a crowd of Apple iPad 2 cases.

The stickers price ranges from $10 to $15.

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