iPad 2 Becomes a Hard Nut to Crack With the New Case From IvySkin

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  • Crackled from IvySkin
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  • Crackled from IvySkin screenshot

Crackled from IvySkin is a convenient tablet sleeve made from supple genuine leather . The softly pleated wave design offers great looks and adds to the exterior protection of the device from everyday bumps and bruises. The ultra-soft plush interior keeps the screen completely smudge and scratch free.

The new case can accommodate both the original Apple iPad and iPad 2, but IvySkin claims that it will also fit the upcoming iPad 3 once it hits the shelves this year. The new Apple iPad case comes with a high quality zippered closure to keep the case securely closed and the tablet safely inside at all times.

The new Apple iPad 2 case is handmade to ensure only the best possible results. The gently distressed leather used for the case is exclusively tanned for IvySkins allowing the company to produce truly unique items. Each and every case is carefully antiqued to provide one-of-a-kind looks and feel.

The price for this case is $49.99.

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