HzO WaterBlock is a Unique Technology Guarding Your iPad From Water

  • HzO WaterBlock
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HzO presented the future of waterproofing – revolutionary WaterBlock technology. Essentially, WaterBlock is a chemical vapor deposition, which covers the crucial electronic insides of any device with a nano-thin layer of film featuring extremely effective waterproof capabilities. ANY device can be guarded with it including our beloved Apple iPads and Amazon Kindle Fires.

The best thing about the WaterBlock, on top of its wonderful properties, naturally, is the fact that it remains completely transparent and virtually unnoticed, when applied to metal, plastic, ceramic, steel or tin. WaterBlock will protect your electronic device without ruining its design and attractive looks.

Although WaterBlock was initially developed to complement Apple iPad cases and other gadget’s protective accessories, there’s no limit to the technology applications. Think of protecting your couch, or car seats, or whatever else you ruin by getting it wet. Industrial applications have virtually unlimited horizons too, but let’s hope that tablets and smartphones will be the first ones to experience the safety of WaterBlock.

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