Top 5 Custom Cases

Top 5 Custom Cases

For that truly one-of-a-kind design in cases, there is simply no substitute for the personalization offered in custom tablet cases . Those would-be designers of their own tablet case or skin will find no shortage of possibilities in customization on the market today, with many options from quality suppliers available.

To guide the way a bit, Tablet2Cases presents our favorites in a list of The Top 5 Custom Cases – Check out the offerings and get to work creating today!

1. The Caseable iPad 2 Custom Book Jacket – Buy Now for $49.90

Caseable may offer the easiest and most personalization options of any tablet cases in its Custom Book Jacket. The user may tweak one of thousands of designs uploaded from prior customers or submit a completely original graphic. Of note is this case’s rubber framing which allows the Caseable tablet case to stand at multiple angles for video viewing.

 Caseable iPad 2 Custom Book Jacket

2. Dodocase iPad 2 / New iPad Book Cases – Buy Now for $79.95

handmade in San Francisco, Spring Summer Book and Essentials Book tablet cases from Dodocase are crafted with all-natural materials and traditional bookbinding techniques. The exterior of this four-piece tray design may be created in one of four colors, with monogramming and text of the user’s choosing.

Dodocase iPad 2 / iPad 3 Spring Summer Book Case

3. The GermanMade G.1 iPad 2 Book case – Buy Now for $89.95

Customization of the G.1 iPad 2 Book from GermanMade actually begins with the material: The buyer may choose from linen, faux leather and leather (with the expected rise in price) before going on to customize with color, monogramming and such. Not only does this book tablet case look great, the online option selection process is super easy and delivery from Germany is notably quick: Within seven days to most parts of the world.

GermanMade G.1 iPad 2 Book

4. The GelaSkins Apple iPad Skin – Buy Now for $29.95

For an inexpensive, yet completely personalized custom tablet case, GelaSkins tablet cases tout a fantastic option. At suggested retail price of under $30, these self-adhesive tablet skins are 100% customizable. Upload a graphic when ordering or choose from among the stock of designs based on thousands of visual artists, classic to contemporary – and they’ll even send a wallpaper for the tablet to match!

GelaSkins Apple iPad Skin

5. The GelaSkins Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Skin – Buy Now for $29.95

So why should iPad users have all the fun (and custom tablet cases)? GelaSkins offers the same total personalization of its skins to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 users. Like those for the iPad 2/New iPad, all cutouts are shaped to the tablet’s design and any uploadable graphic may be used. GelaSkins also produces specific custom skins for popular Amazon Kindle Fire, BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola Xoom and Barnes & Noble Nook models.

GelaSkins Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Skin

For lots of options in on the Top 5 Custom Tablet Cases custom tablet cases, plus information, news and reviews, please see Tablet2Cases’ wiki page entitled “Custom Cases” for your best case scenario.
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