Portenzo Leather BookCase for Apple iPad 2/3/4


Portenzo offers a variety of hardcover book tablet cases for the iPad. All are handmade utilizing traditional book-binding methods with quality materials. Here the brand lets you create your own book bound leather case for the iPad 2 or New iPad 3. What makes the case extra special (and unique from many others on the market) is that you can select feature upgrades for configuring the function, in addition to your own customized design.

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Here, Portenzo incorporates genuine Italian bonded leather and Italian book cloth lining. At no extra cost, you can select any available color for the exterior, interior lining and the elastic cover strap. Personal embossing is available (+$15), as well as free iPad screen wallpapers for matching your case design.

Overall, this case is very much the same size and weight of any other traditional book bound tablet case. Its wood frame is made of American Maple, which has been hand sanded to a silky smooth finish. Corners contain rubber pad inserts for holding the tablet ultra secure inside. The iPad rests absolutely still, as well as slightly recessed to ensure the cover closes completely flat. This fit also offers the perfect space to store the included micro-suede screen cleaning cloth.

The frame has openings for the audio-port, volume rocker, screen lock, and dock connector. On/off switch is buried, so the user is reliant on the default sleep/wake magnet in the case cover. Design of the speaker grill port directs the sound toward the user, and the wood also adds a little bass. No opening for the rear-camera, you need to pay extra for that (+$5) - the first of several functional upgrades to consider.

Magna-Grip (+$10) eliminates the elastic band (or not) and adds hidden magnets for secure case closure and a cleaner look. Of course, keeping the elastic strap will maintain that classic Moleskin journal look. Buyers can opt for a Stylus compartment (+$10) and silver Pro Stylus (+$10). This is really not a bad price for both considering that a Stylus alone can cost just as much. Laser engraving on the pen is also available (+$5).

Alas, consumers can choose the IntelliStand (+$20), which transforms the design into something more like a traditional folio tablet case . This feature consists of two magnets underneath the left side of the frame and a folding crease on the back cover. The frame lifts off and slides over to connect with magnets on the inside cover, offering two different viewing angles (70-degree and 90-degree) in landscape format. Without this upgrade, users can still prop the case like a tent for a viewing angle (around 70-degree to 80-degree). But the special feature works much better, and certainly worth the extra cost of having a more reliably stable tablet stand . With or without the IntelliStand upgrade, the cover can be folded all the way back for a 10-degree typing support.


  • Configure your own design
  • Free iPad screen wallpaper to match case design
  • Openings for dock, ports and most buttons
  • Sleep/wake magnet

            Overall: GREAT

            Traditional book bound tablet cases generally come at a high cost. And this Portenzo design is no exception. In its purest form, the Leather BookCase offers precise genuine customized looks to emerge from the pack as a best case scenario.


            • Fits all models of iPad 2 and The New iPad 3: Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G
            • Automatic Sleep/Wake feature - Just like the Apple® Smart Cover!
            • Exclusive Audio-Flow™ Sound Chamber enhances audio quality and directs it toward the user
            • Hand sanded American Maple frames with Smooth radius corners for a truly unique look
            • Double-Glued elastic band won't ever come undone!
            • The elastic band covers the camera when the cover is closed.
            • Optional Magna-Grip™ cover eliminates the elastic band for a cleaner look


                          Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                          Style Book
                          Brand Portenzo
                          Function Business, Mens
                          Price High End $80 - $149
                          Dimensions 8 x .8 x 10 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Leather
                          Closure Strap
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Customizable ,Sleep/Wake Cover.


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