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Founded back in 2011, 11+ is a South Korean accessory designer and manufacturer focused on creating products that last and bring happiness to users’ lives. The brand is committed to combining great design with affordable prices in an effort to make 11+ cases and products more appealing and accessible to a wide range of customers. 11+ is also highly concerned with the environment and is donating a percentage of their sales to UNICEF Gift of Water Campaign, which ensures that those in need receive clean drinking water.

11+ products include smartphone, laptop and tablet cases as well as personal humidifier, which is a unique combination of everyday functionality and beautiful art design. Currently, the brand only offers one choice tablet case design, the Felt Case ($50), which is compatible with all generations of Apple iPads. Styled as a tablet sleeve, the Felt Case blends minimalist aesthetics with clever functional solutions for every type of situation.

Those who buy 11+ tablet cases will certainly not regret their purchase. The brand's case solutions not only provide style, function and protection for fitted devices, but also install in their buyers a sense of pride and satisfaction for helping to support a good cause.

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