Established 1996
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This company’s name alone may suggest that it specializes in products to guard against the probes of visiting green men from outer space. But, the actual truth is they are a well-established company from Miami, Florida that has been manufacturing computers and servers since 1996. Due to their achievements Dell Inc acquired them in 2006, making them another shining example of a successful start-up company being swallowed up by one of the giants of the industry.

Alienware is indeed a widely recognized company, and most likely possess loyal customers who will look to them in order to accommodate their tablet case needs. Their customer base may be surprised to learn that they currently offer a very limited number of options for tablet PCs. However, given the fact that they already a vast collection of laptop bags, should infer that a wide selection of Alienware tablet cases will soon be made available for consumption.

Given this company’s business objectives, their entry into this particular market is clearly an afterthought rather than a priority. Yet they have established a reputation for responding to growing technological sensations and satisfying enthusiasts needs, and so we anticipate they will continue this trend as consumers look to buy Alienware tablet cases.


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