Established 1999
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Andres Industries is a large German corporation that was established in 1999. Since their foundation, this German firm has partnered with other leading manufacturers to produce a variety of protective cases and mounting solutions for many popular electronic devices. The firm is proud to serve the iPad owner by offering a selection of cases that are watertight, impact-proof and unbeatable.

The company currently sells a couple of Andres Industries cases. One is a waterproof case priced at $80USD. Contrary to other plastic sandwich type bag on the market, these cases incorporate a more substantial hard case. The other is a rugged case, priced at $400, and incorporates US military-grade materials to ensure performance and durability against shocks, drops, wind, rain, sand and vibration.

Those who choose to buy Andres Industries tablet cases will know they are receiving a high-performance accessory from a trusted brand, backed by this company’s superior German customer service.


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