Established 2005
Origin SPAIN
Link Website  
Product range Small

If mass-produced accessories are like millions of atoms, then this Spanish company is seemingly against them. Antiatoms was founded in 2005 when three students met at a fashion school in Madrid. Although each comes from a different artistic background they have formed a solid molecular structure together as producers of unique fashions and sculptural designs.

This small design studio has developed its first Antiatoms case for iPad as part of the Paper_Containers Collection. The cover was so good that the company was approached by The Economist to design a limited special edition Antiatoms iPad case exclusively for them. The result is a tablet envelope case made of 100% Piel leather material. Its a genuine handmade tablet case that is only available on pre-order. At a cost of $90 it is priced slightly higher than the average accessory, but still a worthwhile expense for a designer tablet case that embodies luxury brand quality and style.

Antiatoms reminds us of another company we like, The Beta Version, also a small team of award-winning European designers who are creating one-of-a-kind leather cases for this particular market. Don’t give in to one of the giant conglomerates, support the work of talented artists and buy Antiatoms tablet cases.


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