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Audiovox is a world-renowned American consumer electronics manufacturer founded back in 1965 and headquartered in Hauppauge, New York. The company products range from various multi-media electronics including entertainment systems and automotive security, to a long list of in-car and home accessories such as antennas and mounting solutions. Audiovox cases and accessories are designed to deliver a combination of quality craftsmanship with versatile functionality and simplicity of use.

The company has introduced a range of high-quality tablet car mounts, soundbar amplifiers and Bluetooth headphones to the tablet case market. Audiovox tablet car mounts are compatible with Apple iPad 2 and up, and combine protective capabilities with multi-functional applications including adjustable viewing angles, in-case charging, IR transmitter for headphones, and more. The tablet cases can also be used at home with the help of Powered Sound Dock, which can mount them on/under desks and counters.

Years of consumer electronics manufacturing experience have enabled the company to produce high-quality gadgets, providing durable construction, versatile applications, and simplicity of use. Those iPad owners looking to buy Audiovox tablet cases will find the prices vary from low to high-end, making them accessible for just about any budget.


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