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The origin of Beibao brand is a bit of a mystery since the company does not currently host a website to reveal any background information or statement of purpose. Our best guess is that this another Chinese manufacturer, who rather than being pre-occupied with marketing and self-promotion, would prefer to focus on applying all their resources toward the development of products that serve the most popular electronic devices.

What we do know for certain is that there are several Beibao cases on the market, including envelope tablet cases, folio cases and various tablet stand cases. These lightweight and trim leather tablet cases feel great to touch, and their affordable low price of under $20 makes it easy for anyone to get their hands on one. While their refined elegant design can stand alone, they are even better suited to function as added protection for your device while stowed inside a larger carrying solution.

Due to their lack of communication, there is no telling whether Beibao will be a simple one-hit wonder or if they have plans to deliver more affordable options to this market. For now, we are happy to promote whatever they do offer and present you with the opportunity to buy Beibao tablet cases.


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