Established 1983
Origin JAPAN
Link Website  
Product range Small

Upon its establishment in 1983, this Japanese company adopted the name of Jazz great Charlie Parker’s saxophone, aptly named ‘Bird’. When realizing the inspiration of their name, one may instantly assume this company is associated with the music industry. In truth, the company was created to primarily manufacture electronic components for factory/industrial equipment. Now, it has entered the tablet cases market with its own line of Bird Electron cases.

The company’s debut products include 3 types of Bird Electron covers. These first initial offerings reflect a simple design and may not necessarily be perceived as something that will jazz-up your device. But the company is still young and inexperienced in this market and should be given more time to develop their collection of products. Considering that the Japanese are world-renown specialists in technology, combined with their clever and unique artistic sense, should have many of us waiting in anticipation to see what this company will do next.

For those who live outside of Japan and/or do not speak the language may experience problems trying to buy Bird Electron tablet cases direct from the company. But thankfully we are here to help make their products more readily accessible to those of you who feel inspired to purchase one.


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